My reason

My reason

Monday, July 23, 2012

ZipNadaZilch - Making Money from Home.

~ If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I do not have it at the beginning. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
You hold the key.

I'm Alison ~ I'm a dedicated and hard-working mom of one amazing 8-year-old daughter. I'm here to present you with an opportunity to make money from a legitimate company called "ZipNadaZilch". Over the past eight years, I've seen every scam in the book because I was always looking for at home jobs so I could be home with my daughter while earning money. I recently got a job outside the home in January this year and suddenly I was let go in May. I panicked because my full-time income was gone! I felt helpless, especially as a mother. There is a lot of competition right now in the job market and I haven't been very successful with finding another job, but it doesn't mean I've given up. 

In the meantime I came across a friend on Facebook who started posting about the above company mentioned. She started posting her Paypal deposits she had been receiving daily, ranging from $130-$260! I started thinking how much I could use that money in my life right now. Who couldn't? 

Most work-at-home companies have high start up costs, selling merchandise, home parties, inventory, etc. This company is different! They work with big name companies such as: Proactive, Equifax, Double Day Book Club, Blockbuster, Direct TV and many more companies offering great trials of their products. You are paid for every person that signs up under you. These companies spend less by paying you a commission for every new customer you sign up versus them having to pay high costs for advertising on television, radio and print ads. 

After you sign up and select the offers you are interested in, you are given a referral link of your own to post for people to sign up under. 

I have paid $12.27 total! That's it. Nothing more. I can cancel my trial offers to avoid any future charges if I decide to do so and still keep my referral link and continue earning money. $12.27 is nothing because that money is made back when a person decides they want to try this business too. I'll get $80 when a new customer signs up fully with step 1 & 2. Step 1 pays $20 and step 2 pays $60 together making $80. ZipNadaZilch has new incentives every month! 

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Are you ready to make money? Can you network and advertise? If you are on my blog and know your way around Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, etc., then I'm sure you will do just fine. It's crazy, you could be sleeping and wake up to money in your Paypal account. Paper checks are options if you prefer them to be mailed. 

~ The best way to predict your future is to create it. ~ Stephen R. Covey